Music Appreciation

Group leader :- Bill Todd


The group meets to listen to and discuss music, mainly classical with some jazz, from 1.30 to 3.30pm on the first Friday of the month from September to May. We meet in members' homes when the host plays recordings based around a theme chosen by them. If the host cannot accommodate the numbers, we simply meet elsewhere.

Members sometimes say they are struggling to find a theme, but can also feel that discovering one, and the music to match, is both a challenging and enjoyable experience.. If needed, other members are happy to "chip in " with recordings of their own. Themes have included Top Ten Pianists, Comparing Classical and Romantic Music, Virtuosi and Solo Instruments, First Night Failures, Russian Music...... The surprising thing is that over the many years the group has been meeting, a theme has rarely been repeated. Not that that would be a bad thing as there is so much music out there.Sometimes the format changes, when, for example, each member brings along two recordings based on a theme such as Loves and Hates.

Like myself, most members have no formal education in music, and cannot read music - or understand the notes on the record sleeve. What they do have is an enthusiasm for finding out more about music. An individual can only have or experience a limited number of CDs. With 8 to 12 people in a group, you can extend that number appropriately and have ample opportunity to listen to pieces you have not heard before. That, together with the challenge of developing your own theme and meeting with others who enjoy music, is what the group offers.


Venue :-Tel. number is 01387 255361.



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