Gardening 2

Group leader :- Mary Waugh


Gardening Group 2 - A warm welcome for garden-lovers to enjoy Dumfries & Galloway’s garden gems, both public and private. Either full or half day visits which include an informal lunch in a friendly atmosphere. Good gardens, good company, good food.

Provional programme for 2017

April 7th Barjarg Tower and Keir Mill, Keir, Penpont.

May 5th Dunesslin, Dunscore

June 2nd Burnside, Drongan

July 7th Dot Kings and Southwick

August 4th Woodfall Gardens, Glasserton, Whithorn

September 1st 3 Millhall, Kirkcudbright

October 6th Portrack, Holywood Dumfries

November 3rd Quiz - To be confirmed

December 8th- Christmas Lunch. To be confirmed


Venue :-



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