Cinema/film Buffs

Group leader :- Hugh Beattie 01385 269828



The Cinema Group meet on the third Friday of each month between September and April in each otherís homes. Each month two movie DVDís are circulated to all members to watch in their own homes and pass on to fellow members. These two movies are then discussed at the next monthly meeting. A wide range of movies are chosen Ė old classics, foreign films, new films and little-known films. We tend to avoid 'all-action-and-no-brain' movies. However, we do watch challenging films and are not content to just watch 'feel-good-movies-for-oldies'.

As one of the original members of the cinema group I was quite surprised to see that it has been going for over nine years. In that time we have seen over 150 different movies. Some of the members of this group have changed but the format has remained the same.
What I have found so striking is that how all the members see and judge each film so differently. This does come down to personal preference and frequently others see flaws or good points in movies that others have overlooked. It is quite rare that all members agree that a film is marvellous or indeed very poor.


Hugh Beattie.


Venue :-3rd Fridays in each month 2.00 p.m. - in members homes



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